Thank you, 2021.

This year was truly inspiring. Through a whirlwind of emotions, it’s given me insight on a lot.

It’s reminded me of the rewards of consistency.
It’s taught me how to generously give my time.
It’s encouraged me to be blunt. In my boundaries, my desires, and my non-negotiables.
It’s made me to be courageous. Bold.
It’s comforted me outside of my comfort zone.
It’s allowed me grace to fall in love. With everything.
It’s given me a safe space to embrace and embody sadness.
It’s shown me great loss, and it’s teased me with hope.
It’s tested my judgements, my heart, and my mind.
It’s shown me new ways that my heart and mind don’t align.
It’s made room for fast paced escapades of adventure.
It’s grounded me to slow, silent moments to remember.

2021 romanticized my life a bit more.
Giving me so much more about life to adore.

Thank you for reading, xx.
(Sorry I posted this so late – it’s just been sitting in my drafts.)

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