Dramatic Lack of Love

I saw a lot of people celebrating America this past weekend and while I have respect for expressing pride towards things you’re excited, and honored to be apart of – I could not even bring myself to say, “Happy 4th,” to anyone. Given the circumstances of the past few years, it felt pretty lame to celebrate a country that is regressing in every way imaginable. (That may be dramatic, but America’s lack of love is dramatic.)

At this moment, there’s not too much to be proud of. I believe in leading a life of love in everything I do – and sadly, what aligns with my personal morals, values, and beliefs is not upheld in America at all… or even entertained to be. This includes and is not limited to:

Call me crazy but, Basic Human Rights:

I am person for the people. I am a person of love. I do not care what shape, size, or gender you are. I do not care if you are an alien, a minion, Shrek, or a demogorgon. That’s a lie, I do care if you’re a demogorgon and though this country would probably give a demogorgon more rights than humans, I pray demogorgon’s never walk amongst us. My point is – I am for all living beings to have equal opportunities, rights, and healthcare. I am all for treating each other with respect, dignity, and love. We were born onto this earth and are forced to deal with unprecedented experiences that our government has chosen to create an economy out of. An economy of which is indeed NOT for the people.

EVERYONE should have control of their own body. It is our personal temple, and we should be able to do as we please with it – both men and women. Let’s start with a couple items in healthcare:

  • Cancer… can someone please make it make sense? To have someone go into extreme measures (or debt) in order to come up with the money to survive an illness they could not control? Then after they’ve gone through the brutal procedures and invasive medications that will take a toll on their bodies for the rest of their lives, they have the burden of all of these outrageous medical bills… just so they could survive something they did not put upon themselves. Let’s not mention a lot of carcinogens are created through environments and foods that contain harsh chemicals (which the government knows about. Love that part.)
  • Moving on to the next healthcare subject of choice – the recent ban on abortion. I have a lot to say about this, from women being raped, having ectopic or any other life endangering pregnancies, CHILDREN getting pregnant, incest pregnancies, etc., the choice should be and needs to be available – especially considering how many pregnancies are fatal for both the child and mother.

    I see a lot of men responding to the Roe v. Wade ruling on banning abortions – and one thing I’ve been seeing often is, “My body, my choice? Then where’s my foreskin?”

    Well first of all sir, if you want to wait until you’re older to make the decision of clipping your penis skin then I am all for it! So please fight for that right, as you should! As you said, your body, your choice – I’m sure a large majority of society would back you up on wanting rights on your own temple of a body.

    Second off, I’m not sure where this battle was before the abortion ruling came out? This energy did not exist before the ruling. The last I remembered, the same people saying, “where’s my foreskin?” were the same people bullying those who had not been circumsized at birth. So please, don’t cry, “where’s my foreskin?” as a response of the abortion ruling. Fight for your foreskin if you truly want it, not because you’re battling women.

That doesn’t even touch the surface of basic human rights. From universal health care, equal rights for ALL, a justice system that actually serves justice, a police system that actually serves ALL people, regulated laws on weapons of mass destruction, safety for children once they’re outside of the womb… the list sadly, goes on and on.

And don’t even get me started on taxes.

I’ll admit, I’m not the most tax savvy person – but in all honesty I don’t have a desire to learn the details of where the money I am forced to work extremely hard for to give up is going to (or where it’s not going to).

It’s clearly not being used to take care of the pot holes I keep hitting.
It’s clearly not being used to cover the semi trucks that constantly spit out rocks and break windshields.
It’s clearly not being used to provide women feminine products they REQUIRE for reproduction.
It’s clearly not used for universal healthcare, maternity/paternity leave, to help cancer patients, etc.
It’s clearly not used to provide teachers and essential workers the pay they deserve.
It’s clearly not used to fund the best possible education system.
It’s clearly not used to provide fresh food without harsh chemicals.
It’s clearly not being used to help those who have to bury their loved ones.
It’s clearly not being used to completely rid this world of Fentynol.
It’s clearly not used towards creating a united economy that serves all.
It’s clearly not used to provide an unlimited amount of ice cream to upkeep our mental health after all of the turmoil our country has put us in.

There are countless items on this list of why celebrating America sounds like cheering on an extremely toxic friend group that goes on and on in circles causing never ending problems. Cheering on America sounds like supporting the social media influencer who is clearly a hypocritical, greedy catfish who is feeding off of their followers.

And personally, I do not condone that behavior.

America, if you’re reading this – where is the love?

Thanks for reading this rant, xx.

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