Rant: Pretty Privilege

**This rant was written at the end of 2019**

This year I gained a lot of awareness about how others view me. The way people view me doesn’t affect the way I live my life, they don’t have that much power over me. But it does give me different perspectives on what others might think of me based off of the surface level knowledge they have of me. This year, I had three different people tell me I have “pretty privilege.” I’ve never even heard of this before… They believe I get what I want, or maybe have easier access to what I want simply because of the way I look. Which is fine, but I need to rant about it because it enrages me.

I get that sometimes we can be woo’d by people who’s looks nearly take our breath away when we see them. Which results in us over compensating with kindness towards that person. Is that wrong? No. We should appreciate beauty in all of its forms. However, there is a lot more to people than what meets the eye.

Here’s where my problem comes in.

All of a sudden I have “pretty privilege” because society has changed their viewpoints to have this obsession with people who “look different.” Just recently people who have “exotic features” have been put on this pedestal of beauty, but this hasn’t always been the case.

I spent my childhood filling my head with things I loved about myself when it came to my looks. I had to convince myself I was naturally beautiful because others said the exact opposite when they mocked my big nose, forehead, hair, or eyebrows. The bullying I endured was nothing compared to what others went through, but to say I had it easy because of the way I look is ridiculous. I was one of the very few black children in my area while growing up, so even though I am mixed, I stood out like a sore thumb with features that didn’t match my peers. A kid in my class once threw food at me in the cafeteria while yelling the n-word at me. A girl from a neighboring school wrote a blog (or whatever it was called back in the day) on MySpace completely ROASTING my face, and my poor eyebrows. As petty as that is, she was someone I considered popular at the time, so of course at that time I thought her opinion would shape my entire existence. Now, she’s always on my social media telling me how beautiful I am. While these are extremely minor when looking back in the grand scheme of things, they shaped the way I looked at myself and how I learned to love myself on my own. (With my help of Pa making me feel like the most beautiful girl on the planet).

I spent a lot of my childhood focusing on my personality and how I made people feel because I realized LOOKS DON’T MATTER. Looks literally have NOTHING to do with who we are as people, how we treat others, or what our talents are. That comes from within. All of these people who sit there and degrade others were seen as “pretty” and now look at them… drooling over the same women they used to make fun of. SMH. And now that the majority has changed their viewpoints on what is deemed beautiful, people want to come at me with, “you have it easy because you’re pretty.” No. Absolutely not. Don’t come at me with that.

Growing up I 100%, no doubt about it had personality privilege, and I still do, and I will admit to that. I talk to people, I make them laugh, I make them feel comfortable, and I grow relationships with them. That’s why I might be privileged in certain aspects of life. Because I actually make friends with people instead of judging them off of the surface level knowledge I have on them. Not because society just decided to see me as pretty. Ugh.

With that being said, I learned I’m pretty this year LOL. But some of them were backhanded compliments I didn’t appreciate. Especially because they don’t even know me like that. I knew I looked like Beyonce years ago. In all seriousness, I am extremely thankful for the features I have and the way I look, but I’ve been thankful for them since I was little… I didn’t just hop on my bandwagon because society started to. So please, don’t tell me my success in anything that I do has to do with being pretty. And if something does come my way just because I’m pretty, I don’t want success from that shallowness anyway. That triggers me. HAHA. Great. More feelings yay!


HERE’S TO 2020.

Another year of learning about ourselves. Of progressing to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Of memories, endless love, and success. Another year to challenge ourselves, focus on the goal, and make an impact on the lives of ourselves and others.

Thank you for reading my rants, accepting me for who I am, and encouraging me to chase my dreams. This year is about focusing on consistency in everything that I do. It’s about investing in my money, my travels, my career, and my time.



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