The Suffering of Worry

**this was written in 2018**

“Worrying means you suffer twice.”

Read it again.

“Worrying means you suffer twice.”

If something is going to happen – it’s going to happen. So let it happen when it happens. There is absolutely no reason to worry your entire day away about your roommate burning down the house while attempting to cook dinner. (Haha you guys are probably like uh…yeah that’s a pretty good reason to worry). But think about it – why sit there and worry all day about it when there’s nothing you can do about it even if they were to burn it down? You’re wasting precious energy and you’re not giving your current moment the attention it deserves because you’re thinking about what hasn’t even happened yet.

IF SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN, IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! So, IF it even happens – then you can worry about it.

“But what if…” oooooooo when people hit me with the, “what if,” and there’s something negative that comes behind it… WELL?! WHAT IF SOMETHING GOOD COMES OUT OF IT!?

How many times do you worry your day away and then the imaginary scenario you had made up in your mind doesn’t even happen?

“Wow, I spent that entire time worrying about nothing.”

Just a reminder. “Worrying means you suffer twice.” So when you worry about something that doesn’t even happen – you just suffered for literally no reason.

Now I’m not saying stop worrying completely, I know it’s not easy to just be like… oh yeah let me just NOT think about how the world could just create a giant sink hole and we’ll all die… I’m saying just try giving it a shot to calm yourself down the second you start worrying about something in the future.

These are a few things I remind myself when I start worrying:

  1. Will this matter in a week? In all honesty, it’s probably not even going to matter in 24 hours.
  2. If this scenario were to happen… would it even affect my life personally?
  3. Am I being realistic in my worries or am I just playing games and making things seem worse?
  4. Not all people have bad intentions.
  5. What can I focus on now to take my mind off of the scenario?
  6. What if something AMAZING comes out of this scenario?
  8. What’s meant to be, will be.
  9. “Worrying means you suffer twice.”

It’s not easy. Worrying is a habit that you have to break with time and patience. Give it an honest effort. The theory is that it takes 30 days to form or break a habit. Give yourself 30 days of TRUE EFFORT. I promise it’ll slowly get easier.

Thanks for reading ❤


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