Pleased at Ease

I feel like I’m at a place of ease.

I’ve accomplished many of my wildest dreams.
And though the desire for new dreams or a new way to fulfill my purpose often leaves me lost in spins,
I’m okay not rushing it.
I’m proud of where I’m at and I’m finally
Giving myself space to enjoy.
To stop chasing. To stop feeling I’m not successful if I don’t have a wild objective to meet.
To not feel guilty for craving a slower paced life.
Even if it’s just for a moment.
To make meals that automatically drive saliva to my tastebuds.
To not quite getting anywhere near how the recipe should taste,
but to have the time to try again until I ace it.
To sit in my living room and listen to the birds chirp through the fireplace,
sippin’ on my tea.
To learn the best time to do laundry to save a lil energy.
To build a home that is laced
with love, comfort, inspiration, and fun.
To discover neighborhood walks.
And take turns using all of my mugs.
Or shall I say ours?
For this house is full of nothing but we for the best versions of me.

For once, I’m okay with being at ease.
Maybe that’s the new dream.

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