Things that Make Me Feel Better

The other day I was sad and made a list of all of the things that were making me feel better in that moment. 

I get that sounds really cliche, but it was actually hilarious. I found myself writing these items down with tears pouring down my face – yet laughing at how stupid some of them were. How simple some of them were. I felt urged to share:

  • Heavy sighing
  • Chugging water (sometimes I’m cranky and it’s all because I was thirsty, smh)
  • Crying (you can’t keep all of the emotions in, they’ve gotta come out somehow)
  • Shoes on my feet (maybe it’s because our floor hadn’t been swept in a few days, but they added security haha)

These next few weren’t apart of the list that popped in my head during that exact downpour of tears, but they’re apart of the team as they’re definitely in the lineup rotation:

  • Sitting in the sun (maybe it’s the inner sunbathing cat in me, or maybe it’s the fact that our bodies actually feed off of vitamin D. Either way, thank you for rejuvenating me, sun. I feel your kisses in every season)
  • Screaming on rollercoasters (again, you can’t keep all of the emotions in, they’ve gotta come out somehow)
  • Nature
  • Venting (a lot of times when I’m spiraling it feels like my brain is a birds eye view of the busiest highway interchange with thoughts speeding, weaving, and honking throughout my head – I may not know exactly how I’m feeling to make sense of it all, but venting helps me recognize each thought and gives ithem somewhere else to live that isn’t just inside my head. I appreciate the friends that just listen. I don’t vent looking for a solution from that person, sometimes I just need to get it out)
  • A hug (I never realized how much I needed hugs, until I started receiving them less. Whether spiraling or not, hugs are good for the soul)
  • Playing basketball, volleyball, swimming, working out, going on a walk, or some sort of physical activity.
  • Hiking (nothing better than a physical accomplishment in nature)

I know we all already know that it’s important to do things that bring you joy when you’re in the midst of madness – even though that may be the last thing we’re thinking of. But just to add onto that – those things don’t have to look the same every time. What suits you is going to be different than what suits your best friend, or the random person’s blog you’re reading online. It’s going to be catered to you, and will constantly change. 

If there’s anything that should be universal across the board when we’re upset – it should be to remain open minded. In moments of grief, doubt, heartbreak, and confusion – it’s important to keep your door open. To let the emotions flow wherever they need to go. Just as well as allowing space for new ideas and emotions flow in. 

Those are the times we need glimmers of hope and love. Those are the moments we need to learn a new quirk that makes us feel better when we’re in the eye of the storm of life. Those are times where your energy is moving loud and clear, and what energy we allow to escape and enter can be transformative – so whatever you do – keep your door open. 

With much love and tight hugs, thanks for reading. 

xx, Mallory

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