Glib Blabber Mouths

The excitement that soars through my body when I get a notification that the book I’ve been long awaiting for is finally off hold and patiently waiting for me to indulge in, is cloying. That’s exactly what happened yesterday when the much anticipated Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo became available to me. I’ve been waiting to read this for months!

I’ve heard nothing but glorious reviews about the book – and I’m uber thrilled because this book entails a story of a writer getting a once in a lifetime opportunity story to tell. It’s super compelling to me. (The books I’ve been drawn to the past two months have been about writers… the Universe is stalking me with messages in funny ways these days. I’m enjoying it).

Anyway – I’m only 40 pages into this book, but a main character, Evelyn Hugo, spit some mad facts that require me to share with my lovely rant readers:

“…your entire generation is casual with words that bear great meaning.”

*starts applauding*

I feel so misunderstood sometimes (welcome to my pity party, haha) because I was raised to say what I mean, and mean what I say – and if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. My actions align with my words, and I maintain myself with that integrity because it’s something I highly value.

I find it very rare to run across people that value words and allow them to hold their merit. As mentioned in the book, people are extremely glib now-a-days. They know how to use their words very fluently, in a way that is so smooth that lures you in – but have no sincerity to what they are saying, which is sad. (I’d say those people are blabber mouths – speaking without intention or true conviction, you’re a blabber mouth). (We all blabber sometimes, a lil blabber is fun – but a glib blabber mouth? Yikes).

Do people understand the fun and value life lacks without accountability in the calibre of words we use?

Words are art.
Words are a vessel of expression and emotion.
Words give meaning to how we feel. They allow us a unique form of communication with one another that dresses up our experiences with detailed descriptions and explanations. Details are important.
Words are important.

When did words stop holding their meaning?
How do we bring more awareness to the value of allowing words to hold their eminence?

Sigh, if you figure it out let me know.
Thanks for reading yet again, another rant.

xx, Mallory

P.S. – I am blessed for the amount of people in my life that understand the value of their words and communicate properly as a result. Hate is a strong word. Love is a strong word. Those are two fundamental words that are misused OFTEN. I’m not over here trying to be the word nazi LOL, but I’m just trying to make a point that the list goes on and on of words that have great meaning that are used so casually that no one even feels the meaning anymore.

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