Cancel Trolls Gone Wild

**This was written sometime in 2020**

You know how I’ve always wanted my own show? How I’ve always loved writing in my blog and sharing more opinions and random thoughts that I have going throughout my head? I now find myself hesitant to both of these things because the world is extremely sensitive, literal, and quick to attack. I often see nothing but people going at each others throats because they have different opinions. I see and hear a lot of hate coming from social media and the media outlets, and it’s often hate on something that has been judged because it’s out of someone else’s norm, or it was taken completely out of context. So when it comes to working on all of my passion projects I often talk myself out of it when I ask myself, “why would I want to enter that culture?”

Younger me would absolutely hate it if I stopped myself from living out my dream simply because I was nervous about what other people would have to say or think. Nor would I ever let one someone I care about not pursue something they love due to the fear of what others say and think. So of course this made me question if I was not confident enough in myself to ignore the haters. It made me question if I wasn’t confident enough in my opinions to be able to stand tall with anything that I say. It made me question my bravery, my influence and how I’m influenced, and most importantly what my personal legend is.

I know I won’t ever know unless I try. I know there will be ups and downs and you can never gain success without failure. But holy freaking crap, it’s not even about me at this point, people are MEAN. For Christ’s sake the internet trolls cancel people for breathing!! IS THAT TRULY A CULTURE I WANT TO ENTERTAIN?! Do you see my dilemma?

Ugh. Screw the trolls. I shall live my truth and face their wrath as it comes. I will roast them.
That’s my rant for the day.

Thanks for reading!
xx, Mallory

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