A Letter to Myself.

This is a letter for the girl who is struggling. The girl that just can’t seem to do anything right. The girl that feels like her world is crumbling down. This is a letter for the girl who wants to break down and give up. Don’t do it. Don’t give up. You are stronger thanContinue reading “A Letter to Myself.”

The Journey of Finding Yourself

This has been the hardest journey of my life – finding myself. I tried multiple things to see who I wanted to be in life (some good, some bad), before I realized – I just want to be me. I moved away. I traveled. I tried new things. I didn’t try new things. I joinedContinue reading “The Journey of Finding Yourself”

The Adventure of Falling in Love

I fell in love for the first time. It tore me apart and lifted me up. It crushed my heart into pieces and then mended it back together. It turned me into a person I never was before, and brought me to the person I’ve always wanted to be. It brought upon the death ofContinue reading “The Adventure of Falling in Love”