Making it Happen

It may be a little silly, but AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I AM OFFICIALLY SCUBA CERTIFIED!!! I can dive anywhere and everywhere, baby! 18 meters deep, you gon find Mermaid Mal, you know what I’m saying? Makin friends with the fish, you feel me? 

This is something I’ve dreamt about since I was in high school. It was always number one on my travel bucket list to visit Thailand. It was also number one on my activities bucket list to go scuba diving. (Yes, I categorize my bucket list, don’t judge me.) So the fact that I just real life scuba dove… IN THAILAND? Ppppssshhhh. A dream. A beyond magical dream. 

Ugh. I love life – and I love all of the outlets I’m discovering to connect with life even more. I feel extremely blessed to have these experiences and most importantly, understand what it takes to, “make them happen.” (Thank you, Kathleen).

In college my random freshman year roommate, (and now stuck with forever best friend), Kathleen and I shared a lot of deep conversations. Many of those convos consisted of deep laughter that often got us yelled at by our neighbor to shush it, and many were regarding what we want out of life. A lot of my dreams feel very outlandish sometimes, and at the prime age 18-20, everyone and their mother, AND YA OWN MOTHER, wants to put in their opinions on your life and what your future looks like. Which is all love, but it’s also like, “can everyone shhhh because OBVIOUSLY I’M TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT.” When opinions, advice, judgements, and questions are coming a million miles per minute, it can be overwhelming and Kathleen would never let me forget my aspirations. She would always, always, always tell me my dreams weren’t too big. If I was ever doubting myself she would shut that ish down immediately. “If anyone is going to make these big dreams happen, it’s you Mallory. So make it happen!” She definitely said it a little more aggressive and flavorful than that, but my point is, she believed in me more than I believed in myself. She had so much faith in me even when I didn’t have a plan or everyone else seemed to be doubting me. She kept me going and never let me lose sight of my dreams. I had no other choice but to make it happen or else I would have gotten an ear full. Haha. 

Everyone needs a Kathleen. Everyone needs someone in their life who assertively believes in you so much that it pushes you to believe in yourself. So with that being said – I am thankful for my understanding of what it takes to make it happen, and my ability to act on it. And I owe thanks to Kathleen for being one of the many supporters in my life that have contributed to instilling this in my being.

I owe thanks to the universe for the everlasting love it’s infused into my life. Every single living being in my everyday oozes love that enhances this experience of life. From Kathleen, to the mini market cashier with hilarious banter. From my grandpa, to the random cat on the street that brushes against my leg with purs. From someone else’s grandpa, to the cook on the scuba diving boat whose smiles hugged me. From people commenting the most heartwarming tid bits on my Facebook posts, to Kristina shooting me a random, small text wishing me an amazing time in Thailand because, “I’ve been talking about it since she met me.” It’s the little things, the big things, and all in between that hold so much more merit than anyone will ever know. I couldn’t make my dreams happen without all of the love I’ve been so blessed to soak in.

And there’s no better feeling than accomplishing dreams that have been in my imagination for YEARS, and getting the, “you made it happen,” text from Kathleen.

This Thailand trip and scuba diving experience is one huge, “I MADE IT MF HAPPEN,” moment for me. I am in awe from the moment I wake up in the morning until my eyes decide to it’s finally time to close (I’m too excited to close them on my own.) I’ve felt giddy, full of energy (despite the amount of sleep I haven’t gotten), and so incredibly grateful. I just can’t express how surreal, yet alive this experience has felt. Words will never do justice, nor will the pics.

The universe provides me with more than I could imagine or wish for. Everything I pray for only comes through with sexy, abundant, brilliant love and energy. Everything is elevated, and I could not be more blessed. My suns shine as bright as ever, kissing my skin in the most honey delicious rejuvenating ways. My moons soothe me into the evenings, with stars never dull. My water be quenching that thirst!! And my coconut water??? BUSSIN. The ground my feet touch, the pillows my head lays on, the water that cleanses my body everyday. It’s all top notch. It’s luxurious in every form, even when the drying racks don’t work.

I hope everyone grasps what it’s like to live life in abundance.

The journey of making my dreams happen has been a voyage to say the least. With lots of expansion, evolving, perspective and a whole lot of, “wtf???” Though the confusion, frustration, and challenges that come along will never change, I am thankful for the clarity I’ve gained along the way of what my mind, body and soul need in order to keep my internal sun shining, even when the storm clouds start rolling through. 

I’m definitely no pro at this whole life thing, and I do indeed be slacking, but if there’s one thing I’m ever staying 100% disciplined on? It’s my dreams and prayers. My morals, my values, my truths, and my beliefs. I live accordingly for the life I pray for. Don’t get it twisted, I splurge in ways to fill vices that I shouldn’t (why do I think it’s okay to spend $200 on sushi?), but I don’t slack on matching the energy of everything I pray and hope for.

You can’t get what you pray for without acting accordingly. Without fully living it. Otherwise it’s all talk with no action. I take pride in what I say because I say exactly what I mean. Especially to my prayers, and you best believe my actions will always align.

I think that’s a very large key to maintaining consistent peace and fulfillment.

Words express a lot in sound. 
Actions express a lot in silence. 
There’s extreme importance in both.

I am thankful for my ability to keep calm in the midst of the inevitable chaos. I’m thankful to know what I need in the chaos. And I’m thankful for the people in my life, and those I come across, that make everything 10x more bright. Things come and go in waves, but aye like I said – my sun be shining regardless of how much I’m drowning in that wave, and you know what? That wave is gonna pass at some point. The sun is consistent. Everyday. It always rises. 

Ugh. Life be doin the dang thang for me. I know I’ve said it over and over again, but I just cannot express how grateful I am. If you make it happen, it’ll show up for you bigger than ever expected. Life is luxurious when you allow it to be.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks for sharing your love with me.

Cheers to making it happen!
xx, Mal ❤

2 thoughts on “Making it Happen

  1. Im just a stranger who randomly stumbled upon your instagram and have been following your world tour journey. Its been a real inspiration and even though i dont know you im so happy for you. You seem like such a ray of sunshine! Hope you keep achieving all of your dreams.

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